Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fresh talent!

The W&H features team’s pleased to have a new writer on board. After a year of writing about property, Julia Mafcher’s thrilled to be working on a woman’s glossy. Originally from Cape Town, she’s been in Jo’burg for a year and still gets horribly lost. On Friday, she drove around Hillbrow for 2½ hours when she should have been on the other side of Jo’burg, and was so frazzled when she got back to the office, she gulped down a can of Coke to calm her frazzled nerves! “But I do know my way to Sandton City!” she assures us.
Here are a few things you should know about Julia:

Best characteristic:
I’m cheerful, bubbly and always up for a challenge.
Favourite pastimes
: Reading, dancing and going to braais.

Loves: Chocolate, Cape Town, writing and meeting new people.
: Bad drivers and rude people.

Inspired by:
Nature, people who’ve overcome hardship and my grandmother, who was feisty, independent and lived life to the full.